Are you Really, Really, Behind on your taxes?


“I originally found Neel Roberts and PTC Canada through his advertisement stating he specialized in back taxes. I was behind on taxes so this seemed perfect! Neel not only prepared returns for the years I was behind but he went WAY above and beyond. He went back and found areas in my previously submitted tax returns that had opportunities for a greater return. I was previously preparing my own tax returns thinking that I was “saving money” but now realize I was leaving a massive amount of money on the table. Neel is an incredibly personal individual who drove to my house, sat down with my wife and I over coffee and asked us all the necessary questions to help us the best way he could see possible.
With Neel’s help we received a total refund of over $42,000. We didn’t believe this was possible until we actually saw the deposit in our account. This amount of money was so unexpected and such a blessing at the most critical time of our lives. We were in the middle of building a new business. This help from Neel was instrumental in helping me start my business.
Today I am co-owner of a successful microbrewery in Calgary and public speaker involved in inspiring small businesses. I repeatedly tell this story that the PTC Canada system not only saved me from a crisis but made my dream come true. Neel is one of the few people I don’t just refer to my friends and family, I look at an introduction with Neel as more of a GIFT to my friends and family!

Graham Sherman,   Co-Founder & Public Speaker  Tool Shed Brewing Company Calgary NE
Editor’s Note: Graham’s story sounds sensational but it’s typical of what we do in turning a client’s situation around. Stop by his business in Calgary NE and say hello; while he offers all PTC Canada web visitors free samples of his craft!”
"I thought I knew all about personal income tax. I have a background in computers and every year I used one of the many personal income tax programs to fill out my tax returns.One day I had a small problem with a tax return that I had already submitted and received a refund. I decided to give PTC Canada a try. I met with Neel and in no time at all he reviewed my return, made corrections, re-filed a corrected version and I received another refund. For me, PTC is the only way to go. I like the personal touch and the way they dealt with my problem quickly, privately and in a way I can understand".
Bill Smith, Vulcan,  Alberta   Client since 2002
“Nine years ago, I was looking for a new tax consultant and that’s when I met Neel Roberts.  He was totally unlike any of the other "tax guys" I had met.  He was personable, easy to understand and he offered me some excellent tax advice.   Over the several years I have known Neel, he has helped me through a legal separation, buying a revenue property, and determining the best way to write off my income as I work 100% commission sales.  PTC Canada has helped me create many solutions to my 
tax questions, allowing me to maximize my returns in a hassle free way.   I wouldn't go anywhere else!”
Jennifer Davies, New Home Sales  Heartland Homes    Calgary, Alberta   Client since 1998
“Running my small business keeps me busy and taxes are something I don’t have interest in. When I met Neel Roberts almost 7 years ago, I liked the simple approach he had about it which didn't take up much time nor complicate things. This year I had an unexpected GST liability which I thought would set me back a lot. I called Neel immediately and he said it’s probably not as bad as it looks. It turned out that I got a windfall refund which not only relieved me but confirmed why I have kept coming back. Why would I go anywhere else? Let PTC Canada’s “personal” approach ease the tax world for you!
Bina Devani, Esthetician   The Styling Company  Calgary, Alberta.   Client since 1999
“When I met Neel Roberts 7 years ago, he was able to offer me tax friendly strategies for my leasing company. Since then, I have also acquired, managed and sold rental property. Thanks to PTC Canada’s invaluable advice, I was able to minimize my capital gains tax and maximize my deductions in an efficient, easy to understand manner. Having owned and managed a variety of businesses in my career, I have constantly appreciated Neel’s “pro-client” approach and always recommend PTC Canada!”

Ken Sands,   Owner of Equipco Leasing  Calgary, Alberta    Client since 1999
“When I moved to Calgary from Ottawa in 1997, I was in need of a new tax person and that’s how I met Neel. I was seeking new opportunities in Alberta and in 2006 when I got married Neel explained how the tax changes worked in an uncomplicated way. My wife Kim and I are delighted to use the services of PTC Canada and would not hesitate to recommend their diligence even after 10 years!”

Ron Tompkins,   Mechanic   Calgary, Alberta.    Client since 1998
“Five years ago, I was a newspaper editor and Neel needed my skills to help create the tax booklets on his web site for Businesses, Employees, Landlords, Investors, etc. Since then not only have thousands benefited from PTC Canada’s expertise, but I just had to become a client. Since then, it has been exciting to see how it has evolved into a worldwide service from our small town of Vulcan, Alberta. Don’t go it alone at tax time. I’ve run my own enterprise for years now and without Neel’s advice on deductions and how to structure the business, I would lack the edge so many seek. The e-services offered by PTC Canada have made tax filing efficient and comparatively painless. As a client, the future looks good and I highly recommend getting on board!”
Adam Uttley,  Owner of Adam’s Photography  Calgary, Alberta.    Client since 2003
“Since I moved to Calgary 8 years ago, I have used PTC Canada for all my tax needs. At that time, I was a self employed realtor and needed someone who was experienced & knowledgeable about taxes and that’s when I met Neel Roberts. I knew he was the one for me after discussing my situation. Neel was always there to answer my questions sometimes even late at night. If he did not have the answer for me, he would certainly find them out and answer my questions. I have no hesitations in recommending PTC Canada for your personal tax service. Thanks Neel!”
Alex Pi,  ATB Financial Branch Manager  Calgary, Alberta.    Client since 1999
I started using Neel Roberts from PTC Canada over six years ago to handle the yearly chore of taxes. I had a friend handling this prior to Neel, but as his business expanded he couldn't continue. We haven't looked back since first meeting Neel, as he's such a great guy and does such an exceptional job. Over the years, I've come to realize that PTC Canada prides itself on providing prompt and thorough customer service. The backup detail that Neel provides is fantastic and obviously one of the main reasons why his company has been in such demand. PTC Canada service doesn't stop once the tax preparation has been completed and the package e-filed. Throughout the year, whenever any questions crop up, Neel is always gracious in supplying advice. I've grown to rely on Neel and certainly consider him a friend of the family.
Ron De Kleyn,  National Importers Canada Ltd. Sales Director  Calgary, Alberta.    Client since 2001
Greetings from Sunny Barbados! When I started my day home seven years ago, it was an easy decision. It meant more time at home with my family. But the tax return that goes along with running a small business was not so easy. I was unsure where to start, what expenses to claim, or how it would affect my husband’s return. I knew I needed help, and PTC Canada was exactly what I needed. Neel’s detailed questionnaire makes it so simple to do a return. Neel is always prompt and informative with the answers to my tax questions. The newsletters and tax updates throughout the year reassure me that “my tax guy” works year-round, not just at tax time. Year after year, the service has remained fast, efficient, convenient, and most importantly easy and stress-free. In 2006, my family and I relocated to sunny Barbados. That too was an easy decision. But, it brought on different tax concerns, and PTC Canada was right there to guide us through. I no longer run my day home, but we continue to use PTC for our taxes, because, while our life got quite a bit simpler, taxes never will! Thanks Neel!
Erica & J.T. Rice,    Clients since 2001