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September 2017
Vulcan Advocate - The Great American eclipse was sun-sational

August 2017
Lethbridge Hearald - Roberts chasing the solar eclipse

February 2017
Vulcan Advocate - Total solar eclipse in North America in August

September 2016
Prairie Post - Annual Star B Q a fun way to explore the night sky

August 2016
CBC News - Twice as many meteors as normal expected in tonight's Perseid shower: Here's how to watch
Highriver Online - A Shower Without Rain Prairie Post - Meteor shower viewing opportunity in Vulcan

June 2016
RASC - RASC Calgary Helps Celebrate 50 Years of Star Trek

April 2016
Prairie Post - Prairie Post - New stamp unveiled at Vulcan star gazing event

September 2015
RASC Journal- RASC and Star Trek —
A Match Made for the Heavens

Dispatch Times - SuperBloodMoon – super moon and lunar eclipse photos
Okotoks Online - Super Moon, Super Eclipse
HighRiver Online - It's Going To Be Just A Super Moon
Coountry 95.5 - Royal Astronomical Society Invites You to Join Them for Rare Event
Calgary Hearald - Attention astronomy geeks:You might want to head to Vulcan this weekend to take in the 'supermoon' lunar eclipse.
Prairie Post - First Star-B-Q a success for Vulcan area

July 2015
Prairie Post - Southern Alberta astronomy expert will talk about Pluto at Telus Spark Center July 16

June 2015
Prairie Post - STAR GAZING with RASC
Star Seeker Article - RASC Calgary to host
Spock Days Stargazing in Vulcan
for 2nd Year

May 2015
Prairie Post Article - Well-known name in astronomy the guest speaker for June's Spock Days star-gazing evening in Vulcan

Prairie Post Article - Canada’s Top Astronomy Club awards Vulcan Tourism for its participation

April 2015
660 News - 2015 Lunar Eclipse

December 2014
Prairie Post Article - Monthly public stargazing event Dec. 12
Article in the Vulcan Advocate - Stargazing sessions have been running for 4 years
Article in the Vulcan Advocate - Fourth anniversary of stargazing sessions

October 2014
Prairie Post Article - A Closer Look

Article in the Vulcan Advocate - Viewing the partial solar eclipse
Prairie Post Article - Vulcan Star Trek Center hosting rare ‘partial’ solar eclipse viewing

July 2014
Prairie Post Article - Seeing the rings

February 2014
RASC Calgary Breaks Ground
at Bow Riverside Getaway by Carseland

July 2013
RASC Calgary Celebrates 5 Years
Having a Float at the Annual
“Spock Days” Parade in Vulcan

May 2013
Prairie Post Article
Stargazing a popular event in Vulcan

March 2013
Star Seeker Article "“Spock Size” Crowd Invades Trek Center in Vulcan.

December 2012
Article in the Vulcan Advocate "Celebrating two years of stargazing"

September 2012
Article in the Vulcan Advocate "Stargazers enjoying last summer viewing"

January 2012
Article in the Vulcan Advocate "Stargazers continue to enjoy monthly Trek Station meetings"

December 2011
Article in the Prairie Post "Early risers are rewarded Saturday with lunar event"

Article in the Lethbridge Herald "Special event set for lunar eclipse" Last Total Lunar Eclipse of the Year

September 2011
Article in the Vulcan Advocate "Meteor shower fans scope sky at Trek Station"

February 2011
Article in "Star Seeker Newsletter" of the R.A.S.C. Calgary Centre

Article in the Vulcan Advocate "Trek Centre hosts first public stargazing"

December 2010
Article in the Vulcan Advocate "Rare lunar eclipse amazes diehards"

YouTube eclipse video

660 News

Lunar eclipse Calgary Sun

24 Hours Calgary

Lunar Eclipse 2010 Calgary Sun

Vulcan Advocate Telescope at Trek Center

October 2010
Stargazers trek to celestial observation farm

November 2008
News segments on YouTube 1

News segments on YouTube 2

Vulcan Advocate