Are you Really, Really, Behind on your taxes?


Unsurpassed standards in workmanship
By ensuring the accuracy and quality of our work, we guarantee all paid services performed. We invest in the best possible equipment, resources and research available to make your business happen. While PTC Canada does believe in compromise, we never compromise on quality! All of your dealings with us will be courteous, confidential and friendly.

High Commitment to ethical practices.
PTC Canada believes ethical practices are essential, not only to our services, but also in every day life. We do everything to ensure integrity in all of our practices. Our years of experience have taught us that “being up front” is the best, long-term approach, and our clients appreciate it. We are not agents of CRA or any other regulatory or enforcement agency.
We are a privately run Canadian firm respecting all laws, policies and customs. We kindly ask that our clients and prospective clients honour this point of view before establishing a relationship with us.

Time and convenience is important
PTC Canada realizes that our world has become more demanding of our time. We respect your precious time and want to take as little as possible. This is why we emphasize convenience. At PTC Canada, we offer our clients the luxury of variety. From e-tools to personal in-home service, we invite you to check out everything available.

One-on-one private service
Whether in the comfort of your home, office or other location, let us come to you to get your taxes done.

We are always open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our messaging, telephone and e-tools are at your disposal. All messages are returned quickly—no long waits. Whenever you have the time, we have the service!

Complimentary fax and courier service
For that extra fast service, we fax your prepared return directly to CRA, so there is no need to worry about system crashes, etc. We can even courier your hard copy to you overnight free of charge. Ask us how this works!
Can't meet at all? No problem! Just pop everything into an envelope and we'll arrange to get it. Our web site will tell you everything you need to get ready. If things got any easier, you wouldn't have to do your taxes at all!

Check out our updated web page for all the latest. If you have email, you can subscribe to our complimentary newsletter, PTC Canada's E-Flash. You not only get the latest developments, but also the opportunity to express your thoughts and ask questions. Private email support is always available.

Competitive pricing
Many clients find it hard to believe we can do so much and still be competitive. PTC Canada believes this is essential and researches the market regularly, especially before tax season. From the part-time, one-person operator brand new to the industry, to the multi-billion-dollar corporations that have been around for decades, we get the grand picture of pricing and set our fees lower than the perceived market values. There is no risk to the client, as we quote everything up front with no obligation. We have always been proud of this policy.

Change and challenge mean opportunity
It's hardly a secret that there is lots of change and challenge in today's world, and PTC Canada embraces this. We believe there are three basic reactions to change: resistance, compliance and capitalization.
Resistance - It is unfortunate how many individuals lose sight of the big picture and resist change. The result is always the same: loss of success.
Compliance - Going along with change is generally a good thing. While PTC Canada believes you won't lose by taking this route, it is difficult to achieve more than mediocre results. Therefore, this is not our main focus.
Capitalization -
YES! Taking advantage of change is generally a good thing. That's what PTC Canada is all about. Why? Because it allows us to excel in what we do so we can give you the best of the best and take you into the winner's circle when it comes to taxes. You may have heard the old saying, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” You can feel confident about your decision to go with us!

Relationships mean everything
At PTC Canada, we look upon a yearly visit to your tax preparer in the same way as a visit to a trusted doctor for an annual check up. Finances are one the most important things in life—and this is our attitude when you bring us your taxes. You have worked hard for your money. Now let us help you keep it! We take the time and energy to look at your situation objectively and see how we can best fit your needs. Our high return rate and the loads of compliments we receive from our clients tell us our relationship-building skills are making the grade. In today's competitive world, that's one of our edges!

Challenge helps us grow
At PTC Canada, we are never complacent. Complacency reduces awareness and long-term vision. Is it any wonder that folks who are complacent can't get motivated? We welcome a challenge with an organized and determined approached, and that's how we succeed for our clients!