Are you Really, Really, Behind on your taxes?


Since I started in the tax consulting business in 1981 much has changed and it will continue to do so.
A more complex tax system can only make an already difficult situation seem more intimidating to the average person. That’s why I created PTC (Personal Tax Consultants) Canada in 1998.

More and more working people are going into business for themselves, or taking on new ventures such as rental properties and other investments. Why? Because they want better ways to achieve financial independence; they want more freedom in how they earn their living; and they want a break from the huge taxes the average Canadian pays, which are currently about 50 % of income!

Being aware of this trend, I have created PTC Canada’s tax booklets for small businesses owners, rental property owners, and investors. If you have expenses on the job that you think may be deductible, our Employment & Commission Sales Booklet is for you. These booklets are loaded with tax tips and strategies. As a bonus to those entering into these ventures, we share insights on how to get set up and going!

Do you want to learn more about how the tax system works, but you are not interested in taking a three-month tax preparation course? Check out our Canadian Tax Secrets Guide, designed to give you many rare insights into Canadian taxes in less than two hours. Learn basic tax planning, what your biggest expense is, and how to shop for a tax professional. Even the pros learn something from this unique guide! All of these booklets and guides plus many more are free of charge (click here). It’s PTC Canada's way of thanking you for checking us out.

Are you several years behind, need previous years' tax returns corrected, or have issues with the CRA? We have many years of experience handling a variety of situations and would be delighted to give you a free, comprehensive analysis with our best recommendations. We have many success stories and would tackle your challenge with enthusiasm. In the majority of cases, the client’s investment in us will be paid off several times in a few months. While we cannot guarantee that every case will go this way, I always recommend getting a free opinion from the right people.

Whether you are 100% on top of things and are just checking us out, or you are in dire need of help, I am confident PTC Canada has something to offer you. Our website will to get you started either way. Also, our “Zero Stop Tax” service offers you the convenience of staying in the comfort of your home or office. We handle over 50% of our clients' tax situations completely by telephone, fax, email, courier and Internet. This number grows every year.

We also offer many tax-related services by full-time experts in their fields. These includes accounting, bookkeeping, corporate/US/Quebec returns, financial planning, bankruptcy/debt consultation, overseas taxes/relocation and legal representation to the CRA.

All of our services are administered by certified experts using the latest technology and information, and delivered with top-notch personal service that employs a win-win philosophy. To date, over 1,000 taxpayers and clients have profited from our know-how, and we are flattered by the repeat business and referrals. I invite you to sample our service by joining our complimentary news list and discover why PTC Canada Takes Your Taxes Personally!