Are you Really, Really, Behind on your taxes?


Doug MacLeods "The Journey to Incorporation"
We have an excellent article by Doug McLeod; CA. of KPMG in Lethbridge called “The Journey to Incorporation"

Bryan Borzykowski "Should you Incorporate"
Find out weather you and your business are ready to take that step.

“It Doesn't Pay to File Late”
A recent survey shows that many Canadians are penalizing themselves at tax time.


“Procrastination: later is not always better” ran this article.

“How Late Filers Lose Money”
Financial Post article.

“Think Your Alone? NOT!”
A new Decima survey shows that many Canadians are penalizing themselves at tax time.

10 Ways to cut your tax bill
Check out this free handout which can save you thousands of $$$

10 Reasons taxpayers hire a professional
Why do the majority of Canadians use a professional? Even more amazing, why is this number growing by ten's of thousands each year? Don't get left in the dark and forsake your money to the taxman.

10 Ways to find a tax windfall
If you've overpaid taxes or owe back taxes, this will help you spot any surprise tax breaks.

10 Ways to find money from unfilled taxes
If you haven't filed your taxes for years, you may be sitting on some cash. See if you can file them professionally with no money.

10 Ways to see if you paid your fair share of taxes
Believe it or not many taxpayers may qualify for this rarely talked about occurrence. By definition a tax windfall is discovering over assessed taxes the taxpayer has paid or owes and is entitled to get back with interest or interest reduction in some cases.

10 Ways to avoid a tax trap
Every so often Canadians receive an unexpected notice that they owe taxes out of the blue. If it’s a sizable amount it can really change their financial position. What are the best strategies to handle this issue and to avoid it reoccurring in future?

10 Myths and facts about the tax industry
The average Canadian misses the opportunity to save thousands of dollars each year due to misinformation. They may not know who to ask or how to get the right type of help.

10 Ways to assess a tax consultants fees
What are the right costs for tax consultation services? Unfortunately, many taxpayers who use a pro are searching for answers, because there are no official standards or guidelines like many other professions such as doctors, realtors, teachers, etc. Fees can range from under $10.00 an hour to several thousands of dollars. With such a vast differentiation of numbers, how does the average taxpayer know where to start?

10 Ways to get free help at tax time
There is a lot of free help out there to almost every Canadian. In some cases, Canadians may qualify for free tax preparation services,depending on income and other situations.

10 Ways to handle a tax taboo
In a situation where the taxpayer may have underpaid their taxes intentionally or unknowingly which may have put them in an unfavourable situation regarding evasion of tax. What are some of the strategies that taxpayers can use to minimize the impact and get back on track with CRA?

10 Reasons People Don't File a Tax Return
Find out why 1,000,000 late returns are filed in Canada each year.

10 Ways to spot tax fraud
Every so often a Canadian taxpayer will come across a tax offer which seems too good to be true. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, fraud is very much a part of it and the sooner the taxpayer is educated about it the better.

Tax Guide
Learn valuable tax information and how to make the system work for you.

“The Miracle of Tithing”
"Donations" They're not only tax deductible but generate a good feeling for the taxpayer. Get our free book "The Miracle of Tithing" by Millionaire and World Speaking pro Mark Victor Hansen.

The Fine Art of Procrastination
Did you know it's a skill?.